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Watches have always had a fascination for me ever since I received my first one at the age of eight. I haven't got that one any more, but I have kept every other one I've either been given or bought since then. I'm especially interested in mechanical watches, but electronic ones are so useful and convenient it's hard to ignore them! Here are some of my thoughts about those watches—and of some vintage ones I've 'borrowed', which form the 'occasional series' of reviews. I keep adding to this list so come back every now and then to see what's new.

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Breitling Navitimer BREITLING Navitimer (1967) - classic pilot's watch with navigational computer  
Citizen Diver's CITIZEN Diver's (~1975): Is this better than a new Seiko? (#4 in an occasional series)  
Citizen Navihawk CITIZEN Navihawk (1997) - it does everything! 
Skyhawk CITIZEN Skyhawk (2001) - better than the Navihawk?  
Eterna ETERNA Eterna-matic (1960s) - a smooth operator (#2 in an occasional series)  
Felicia chrono FELICIA de luxe Chronographe (1970s) - solid vintage value (#1 in an occasional series)  
Dolce Vita LONGINES Ladies Dolce Vita (2000) — the elegance of time...  
Speedmaster Pro OMEGA Speedmaster Pro (1968) - to the Moon and back—but ensure your speakers are turned on!  
Speedsonic OMEGA Speedsonic (1975) - it doesn't tick, it hums!  
RT Airspeed REVUE THOMMEN Airspeed Automatic (2000) - an 'instrument' watch if ever there was one  
Tudor Sub TUDOR Submariner (1968) - a Rolex by any other name...  
Seiko Diver's 3 SEIKOS - 2 vintage and a Diver's 200m Auto (#3 in an occasional series)  
Worldtimers WORLDTIMER Faceoff 2 vintage 1970s Worldtimers—Seiko & Citizen (#5 in an occasional series)  

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